Every moment

is a gift

Appreciate the moments when you are in them.
In a blink they are, but memories.

My blog

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Blog Tiếng Việt

Nơi bạn có thế tìm thấy mọi chia sẻ của tôi bằng Tiếng Việt, ngôn ngữ mẹ đẻ yêu thương.

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Norsk Blogg

Nå bor jeg i Norge. jeg lærer norsk og vil virkelig skrive så mye jeg kan. Dele og øve på samme tid, hvorfor ikke?

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English Blog

For my international friends. I really hope that you can find something interesting in my blog.

“When you look back on the timeline of your life, you should smile. Live your life in the now”

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The reason why I make this blog

Time goes by so fast...

…I have learned a lot. Things happened and became memories, both happiness and sadness. Why don’t I save them and share? As a diary for me and a little present for you…


You can find me.